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Related article: Date : Wed, October 8, 2006 19 40 0200 42nd From: Julian u003cjulian obedient. obedient gmail. com u003e Subject : Broken Hearts There was a knock at the door, threatened to disrupt the ceremony n strange had just happened. But Michael seemed to impressed and David said to open the door, but we always know who was waiting in the lobby. You can not hear, he said, smiling in my efforts. is true. I pleaded, but Evan stood before me completely attentive n, as if it were absorbed by operations a little further inside n itself. I could not say. All I could say was that he was physically present, it is was there. I could not hear. He could not look good, even though n was looking directly at me. do not let me Saud, but without success. I wanted to give the him, but I would not reach over and touch him if I tried. There is really no point. Only wear. I suggest that n resign, the facts of life. is not suffering. consider it. They feel much more pain than it is now. In fact, it was something evil in this man, Michael ( the archangel activist, now evil, fallen, a resident of the Burning Lake ), who had come to have much influence my girlfriend. not only your mind, but actually seemed, physically, the iconographic cliché that has become the standard of animation devil. wore a red tuxedo on a black jersey, black - leather boots and jeans. His spiky hair was more red in it as brown. His face was long. And the chin with a pointed beard concealed. Her eyes were green and blinks. His wrists were long and slender, the hands of his s, elegant, and his long fingers and sharp. It could have been is a pianist or violinist. His mellifluous voice, in fact, and his Preteen Naked speech intonation varied with someone who is perfectly pitch. He blew his cigarette smoke by Turkish nose. was not the bestto discuss, I thought. My task now was for me out intact from there safely and mentally. do not want to wait. The cries came from the entrance area and s is about a young man in a wool hat, a red and black squares, followed by wooden coat, a pair of dirty jeans and motorcycle boots to break into our room. Love to Do you want to do it again, Michael told me in half s voice as violent visitors rushed into the room, because of age times? The way it is now? it looks pretty good to me. But he is not here. is not it? How long waiting for me. I come from. I accept the package. I s to go. I hope not. Now, Michael, said. And the stranger was still and quiet. No, no, not here, not all his being, he said, defiant angry about something, his arrogant assertion of power. was even more odious because it was successful. Who is it? said mischievously. And besides, he said, who really knows what it is, the whole being ? My, my. notprude. I offer something you know you want to. was right. , but not in these circumstances. How you said kindly, and the young man turned to the Wood- jacket, which was waiting in silence. But I was not sure what is no longer adequate. Now, if you wait here a moment, he said, I come to the package, and you 're on your way. Yes, sir. Thank you, sir, ' said the messenger bike. the meantime, I was fascinated watching Evan, who was standing there like a stone statue, a character - trance buried transformation. that s does not really seem that he was standing there, but as he stayed there. It seemed that there was nothing I could do on their own. was the essence of an object. * I woke up Saturday morning and my heart felt like a cold chain wrapped around it, tightly closed. The morning was gray against the window and the air was filled with sorrow s emerging as a result of anything that fell into them of snow. I had lived with Evan for three years, and was surprised when he came to one night not long ago about a smile and blisters happiness. I be a monk, he said. What ? I said, go with the pot of soup that I made quite a stir. A monk. A monk ? Oh, not like in a church or a sex ^ - monk. I'll be a monk sex. What is a monk of sex? I cried. that my life in the service of sex will be spent. I thought I had done years ago, I said jokingly, but not knowing what he was talking about and what was the joke, if is a joke - and if he was serious and yes, then what? I'm serious, he said, challenging, but with great composure. I'm sure you know what you're talking, I said slowly : suddenly felt so dazed and frightened. * can not be reached, he said, when he returned on Sunday night as he was in each other's arms, our naked bodies pressed against each other, eyes our s danced together to the sounds of the unseenOla lengths of our heads. I wanted to play, but could not. My arms do not move. where you been? I said. His eyes took on a dreamy melancholy tinge. They had the brightness Does anyone know who is exactly where it belongs. was nowhere. It was wonderful. His smile was his presence, and shined his of electricity. He shook energy that vibrates through me as a power when suddenly trembles in the footsteps of the nerves to You have touched something without wanting to hold. Will I lose ? I said. This depends on you, I said and grabbed my testicles in the cup of his hand and put his mouth on me and kissed me gently intensity that his soul was in the and my lips. I stopped thinking and feeling to enlarge. I needed him inside me, and extended to him and he moved his finger inside me. I started to kiss to it activate my throat from the back of my mouth to the front n for all to kiss my voice devotion. And hardened and How well he fought with each other our passions, which took the liquid of our kisses and hair up and looked at me with eyes and put in all shape and I then went to mock me in and out of the me, and as he did with the fingers, no stroke my ​​neck, knocked my dick like a flute. And then she stood still in the arms of one another to look into his eyes. broke the phone to us. Evan was on the table cell. Yes, sir, he said, smiling. Yes, my lord? n Yes, sir. I sir. And then hung up. My heart began to sink, even before he said, I'm not going to sleep tonight. ^ ^ And not agoing insulating gap, he said, tapping his chest with the tip of his right index finger. * months passed. Evan left. I saw a lot less than I ever , but he has visited. Those times, it was like being on loan. , but no matter. When I was with him, all the agony of not bein g disappeared with it. had very short hair and lay down on the head now, like a cap full of delicate feathers black. He shaved only every four or the fifth day. She wore tight-fitting sleeveless vests, smoke began to cigarettes. He was thinner than it had ever been. Blew the smoke me. He knows Preteen Naked I hate smoke snuff and smoking in general. did not discourage me. I kissed him, when his mouth is snuff smoke filled and lit his cigarette for him always bite snuff on the lips and opaque smoke in my tongue, and then gave him a cigarette \\ \\ n lit. * to be staggered by the shock, the Evan delivered directly to my solar plexus. What do you have ? He said if I had breath. N Do what? he said with a smile. N Do what? I called imitation. Hit me in the stomach. I have not the way I lit my cigarette. No the way they lit the cigarette and hit me in the stomach? I would like to aggravate, fruit cake, she said, stroking my cheand ek looked at me with what appeared to be genuine affection. What is it ? not what. Do you remember ? Who? N I tried another. Aggravate me Up ! That is correct. You're too soft. I want harder, harder. I grabbed his jaw and fixed his eyes on me as he spoke. Why? I would like to see, to increase your tolerance to pain. the pain? I said. pain he repeated. Why did you do that? Because I think there's something very sexy about a man who can bear pain. It gives a force that is too hot. And it even more attractive when you no longer have it and starts to ask you to and released into the negotiation has been everything, including myself. You do not know how to get more sound, Evan. This is Michael, not you. I, okay. Just do not know who I am. Maybe you have n ever did. And you do not know who you are either. And before I knew my face crushed in his career and have more than doubled in another blow to my center. was more than doublefrom it. But I'll help you find, he said, smiling. How ? I said, as if we were in the middle of a conversation. In this way, he said, repeating the blow, especially at first when n stand tall. Just, Evan, I cried when my breath back. Please tell me, he said. Please. Say it louder. His words were accompanied by a coup. I was shocked. Please, I said. And in response struck and struck again with each fist n hard against my belly and chest. What in my being smooth, said he was not true. I have a hard body. That's what I thought I had a hard body, as he hit me. Evan stop. She loved me once. spat. Maybe if you ask, he said. More blows. Please, Evan, for. I beg you. not enough. do you want? What is the point if I say, and if not give it to me ? I. I'm Evan, what you want. I just stop beating. Please. * Once returned to the attic with Evan. Michael greeted me with a menacing smilebut offered herbal tea. is so good that the two might be friends. Evan smiled and took my hand and squeezed it. Not everyone would be able to transition so smooth. I congratulate Michael said, and kissed me on both cheeks and then pressed me to him with a desperate strength that made me weak and dizzy n and wanted his arms around me, but I do not. When I woke up, the candles were all around me. I was lying in a view of the bed in her chair full length high Evan. The roof was painted a dark blue. He was interrupted by white dots means that the stars of the painting. I knew Evan was in a trance, but not sure what that meant. He was naked. I felt it was a ghost was in his body. His helium element, floating weightless, formless consciousness without a identities, flexible and responsive. His mind had to clay. can be molded and shaped, something infinitely malleable. The thatGHT made ​​me faint. The pain of my loss, my heart is covered with n pain. her nipples pierced when I felt cold and that elegance of marble. If the whip was stroking his flesh, felt his flesh soft strong as iron. If the hoop is barbed wire around the bicep of his left arm tattooed s, I felt the warm blood of your muscles and cause the pump to tighten your body. Now, he has been a gap, spread his views on ways of extending a cloud on their way to extinction. It was bent at the knees - I knees? - The worship at the feet of the man who had changed his life. I wanted to run from what I saw. It was like vinegar in my heart. However, I saw him drink until she pushed me sadly. Michael Evan snapped his fingers and looked up and stood up. It was motionless, silent and motionless, lost in waiting. * in Preteen Naked the basement can even keep in touch n private to a boy. I had not done for a while, becauseI had lived with Evan, but now that he was out of my life for the most part, I began again. and that was successful the first time out. Sam was an architect. There was a place in Brooklyn Heights. was standing by the window overlooking the East River in Manhattan. All was Preteen Naked quiet, but firm, and do not admit contradiction. You are a fun combination, he said. What do you mean ? I asked. I sat opposite him in a leather armchair with a champagne Deco flute in hand and a joint in the other. words, are not withdrawn. You have up front, really. However, if I'm wrong, you are also very passive, even masochistic. I would not go that far, he said. However, I still can not resist the desire to be obedient. was quiet. All right, he said, pointing at n with the index finger flapping to join him in the window. I got up and walked a few steps toward him and handed him the joint. A Instead, he put his arm around my shoulder and took me with him. blewd he hissed as he held his breath that I take care n. What do you mean ? I asked. That's what I say. You need to belong. I can tell. What about me? I have complete control of another man, complete power over him. Preteen Naked I know you know what I mean. I offer to take complete control over you and take full responsibility for you. You must is true, lust, and give yourself to me completely. I have to admit, the idea excites me, but it also scares me, I said, not sure I wanted. way. I like what you are. I want it to be. They afraid of me, and always will be concerned that you do not like to use to me. But you still serve me afraid. In addition, due to the it. I slowly and gently with you and show how the minister, I n and help you grow to love their slavery, and love and fear me n and I desire. You will be mine and you have complete confidence in me. How to know if I can nott can not betray my trust or hurts beyond measure ? Your trust can only be a matter of faith. A question of faith. Des faith. ? in me. Here are A ^ of their teacher. My master. Sam smiled as I repeat what I said. when you say it sounds good. Say it again. My Lord, I said, almost laughing. Once again, he said, laughing this time without. I was the joint and took a train, and then turned it off I " my master. And then I looked at and understood. Who am I ? 'I asked. my Lord, I said, as if finally realized. are you ready? said. Yes, sir, I said. * Evan, believe it or not, was jealous when I told her I give up home full time Sam, total slave. n Michael is not that like he said. Why should one or the other? I said, confused. And besides, I said, there is Preteen Naked nothing we can do about it. you under its spell, not me. [ If you write, please give history the namespace of the subject. Thanks. ]
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